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How it works

Choose a topic

Choose a topic you want to talk about and filter down by age and gender to find a Mate that meets your needs.

Connect with a Mate

Anonymously connect with your Mate in a chatroom, where you can safely share your story and be heard by someone with similar experiences.

Your needs and interests will also be used to guide you to additional support services near you.

Track your progress

Check in with yourself using our wellbeing check-in to see where you’re at and measure how far you’ve come.

Curious to learn more?

Watch this video featuring David Titeu, founder of Linkmate, as he explains the philosophy behind the app and how it works.

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Who we are

We are a social enterprise devoted to preventing mental health challenges by connecting people with peers and community services for empathetic and personalised support.

Our human-centred platform uses social prescribing, an approach which links members to initiatives in their local community, helping them with the challenges of day-to-day life.

Members form unique relationships with peers based on shared lived experiences and are empowered to find their voice again and boost their social confidence, every day.

Easy Access

One tap and you’re conveniently connected with a Mate who is there to listen and even help you find the right support in your local community.

Safety First

We safeguard your privacy on the platform and adhere to strict rules and regulations surrounding data confidentiality.

Smile Again

Chatting with a Mate helps you shake off your mental burden to feel happier again.

Linkmate mental health application

Free to download

Many mental health services can be costly and tedious, which is why our platform is free and streamlined for your ease.

Zero Stigma

Come as you are and share your thoughts in a place free of judgement.

Empathetic Care

Chatting to a Mate who understands what you’re going through makes you feel heard and validated.

Volunteer as a Mate

Derive meaning and value from your difficult experiences to stop others from suffering in silence.

Join a community of empathetic Mates that help people find their voices and the confidence to rebuild their lives.

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What would you like to know?

Mates are people with a passion for helping others and inspiring them with their own story of recovery. They are trained in evidence-based practices from around the world, including peer support, active-empathetic listening and social prescribing.

Complete the training course successfully, pass a police check and meet with us for a quick chat. You’ll then receive a Linkmate Certificate and be ready to chat with a member right away.

Linkmate creates a safe environment where you can chat about anything and everything. Mates are available to chat about relationships, family, eating, work, loneliness and anything else you may be concerned about. You can use the app to get whatever it is off your chest right away.

Not at all. You can use an alias or a nickname to preserve anonymity. If you sign up with your full name, only your first name will ever be visible to the Mate you connect with.

You must be 18 years of age or over to use Linkmate.