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6 Helpful Tips to Relax the Mind

Tips to Relax Mind

Box breathing.

Inhale over four seconds, hold the air in your lungs for a count of four, exhale at the same pace, hold your lungs empty for a four-count before beginning the pattern again.

Chat with someone.

Who do you value in your life? Who do you turn to for a chat when you need it? Social support from trusted friends can help you manage your stress better.

Be grateful.

Write down on a piece of paper 5 things you are grateful for. These things could be friends, family, loved ones, your courage, your strength, your belongings etc.

Relax the body.

Soak in a warm bath or shower. Try a yoga class out. Go for a walk. Progressively relax each muscle group in your body. Have a warm drink without alcohol or caffeine in it.

Enter nature.

Head to a park, the beach, on the bank of a river – anywhere outside. Connect with the physical beauty of the world and experience the reduction of tension.


Get into a comfortable position either sitting on a cushion or lying down. Focus your attention on your body, your breath or any sounds you may hear without judgement.

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