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Our 'Why'

After my parents separated, my father fell into a suicidal depression whilst I grappled with anxiety and the surrounding stigma. We both tried conventional medical therapies, however these treatments only temporarily fulfilled our needs. It was not until I began sharing my own experiences living with mental health challenges that dad felt comfortable to open up as well.

By expressing these feelings with someone who understood what it’s like to struggle with loneliness, anxiety and depression, dad and I both felt heard and validated, helping us discover a newfound sense of strength and courage we didn’t think we had. 

Dad used this strength to pursue something he’d always wanted to learn – dancing. Taking up dancing classes in his local community helped him feel a true sense of belonging and ultimately supported him to feel better again. Dad also encouraged me to dive deeper into my DJing hobby which similarly helped catalyse my recovery from mental health challenges.

Inspired by this story, we set out to develop a platform that could help people feel less lonely and more confident opening up about their challenges. We wanted to create something that could not only bring people together, but also to new passions and hobbies which hone their strengths and bring them joy.

We believe that everyone is so much more than their struggles and we all deserve a mate to turn to in times of need. To this day, dad is still dancing and I’m so grateful for my best mate’s life.

– David

Linkmate Why Story
Linkmate Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision


We connect people early with support that’s unique to them to prevent the onset of mental health challenges.


A world free of stigma and discrimination, where mental health can be openly talked about with anyone.

Our Values

Our core values ensure that each of our team members work towards the same common goal, and share a bigger purpose.


We step into the shoes of everyone we work with to understand their true feelings and use this understanding to guide our actions.


We are honest in our approach and stand up for what we believe is the right thing to do, even when no one is watching.  


We share ideas and work together to uncover different perspectives, which enables us to deliver productive outcomes to everyone.


We find strength and discipline to face our challenges head on, guaranteeing firm adherence to our values.   

Our goals

By 2025, we plan to:

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