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Dealing with Loneliness during the holiday season

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of love, laughter and fun. But for some people, it can be the loneliest time of year. If you’re spending this holiday season alone, then you probably know the feeling I’m talking about: Around this time of year, people can feel particularly lonely – whether they’ve lost a loved one, recently split up or are just feeling low. It’s important to remember that loneliness isn’t a reflection on who you are or how worthy you are of love and happiness, many people are in the same boat come the holiday time. There are lots of ways to help yourself feel better if you’re faced with the prospect of being alone these holidays. As someone who’s always had to learn how to cope with loneliness myself (and still do), here are some things I’ve found have helped me over the years:

Are you feeling lonely this festive season?

If so, you’re not alone. Loneliness is a common emotion during this time of year and it can be difficult to feel like part of the festivities when you’re surrounded by people who are happily spending time with their loved ones. While many people enjoy the festive season and look forward to ringing in the New Year with friends, family and loved ones each year, some find themselves dreading the festivities due to personal experiences or circumstances.

It can be hard for some folks to ignore the festive decorations around them as they struggle with their own feelings about this special time of year. With every street corner adorned in tinsel and lights, every shop window displaying Santa Claus figures or snowmen and every radio station dedicating hours of airtime to songs (sometimes even playing them non-stop) that remind us of the festivities around us, it’s often difficult not being reminded that we’ve entered into another holiday season—and some just don’t want anything to do with it at all!

If you’re spending this holiday season alone, then you probably know the feeling I’m talking about.

For me it’s not so much that my family isn’t with me – I have no real ties to them anymore. No, for me it’s more about the constant reminder of holidays being around the corner and how much of an emotional drain that can be on your day-to-day life. It makes me feel like there is no one who understands what I am going through or cares enough to offer any kind of support. But, as it turns out, this isn’t true at all!

It can be very easy to get isolated during times like these when we feel alone in our emotions and struggles but remember: there are always people who feel exactly how you do right now too! If anything just reach out and connect with them because they’ll appreciate having someone else who understands what they are going through too.

It’s also easy to get caught up in things you don’t really want to do. You might feel pressured into spending time with family members who are difficult for you to spend time with, or you might be nervous about how much your friends will spend on gifts for you during the holidays.

As someone who’s always had to learn how to cope with loneliness, here are some things I’ve found have helped me over the years.

  • Remember that you can’t always control how you feel.
  • You can choose to spend time on things that make you feel happy.
  • You can choose to focus on the good things in your life; these things can distract you from what’s causing some of the loneliness, and remind you that everything is temporary.

There are lots of ways to help yourself feel better if you’re faced with the prospect of being alone this holiday season.

If you’re feeling low, talk to someone about your feelings. There are lots of services out there just like Linkmate that can help you find support within these tough times of the year. There’s nothing more frightening than feeling alone and not knowing who to turn to, but we’ve got your back!

Join a support group! Maybe it’s a work colleague, friend or family member but make sure someone knows how you’re feeling so they can support and encourage you as best as possible. You’ll be surprised how many people feel down come the holiday time and think that they’re alone in their feelings – but they aren’t! We all have our struggles at some point in life; whether it be today, tomorrow or next year – there will always be someone else facing challenges too… Don’t let them face them alone either!

Do something you enjoy. Maybe try taking a different approach this year by looking at the holidays outside the traditional aspect? If you enjoy fishing then why not spend some time on the water catching fish… Or maybe even go away somewhere warm where no one expects anything from them except themselves? Distract yourself from thinking about what others may have gotten for gifts (or hadn’t) by immersing yourself into something completely unrelated for a day or two…

The best thing you can do is not let your loneliness make you feel like a bad person. It happens to everyone from time to time, and it’s not your fault!

There are many things that can be done to combat loneliness this festive season.

Get out of the house – even if it’s just for a short walk around the block, it’s important to get some fresh air and feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

Call a friend – talk to someone who knows you well and cares about how you’re feeling this holiday season!

Volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen – this is especially helpful if you are feeling isolated because it puts you in contact with people who may be experiencing similar feelings as yours, but who have also found solutions through community service work!

Find support groups online – there are many resources available for those struggling during this difficult time of year such as The Loneliness Project. It is important not only find others who share similar experiences but also understand where these feelings originate from so we can stop them from happening again in future years.”

Ultimately, it’s about finding what helps you feel connected and in the moment. Whether that means reaching out to friends and family, taking time for yourself to do something that makes you happy or just being thankful for what you have – these are all great ways to combat loneliness around the holiday times. You’re never alone, and you could be the reason someone else isn’t alone this holiday season. Always reach out!

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