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Life can be tough,
 we are here to listen

Join our community and connect with individuals who are eager to listen and support you on your journey.

What We Stand For






Daring Vulnerability

What We Stand For

  1. We encourage everyone to publish personal creative works in the form of articles and videos. It doesn’t have to be perfect – in fact, genuine connections develop out of bonding from imperfections.

  2. Readers or viewers of the work are prompted with the option to start a personal chat with the creator.

  3. The first time starting a conversation with someone, you aren’t left with trying to conjure up awkward greetings: We have a bank of discussion prompts that both of you can use to start a meaningful conversation.

  4. You can search up people to chat to based on your topics of discussion. Our app encourages discussions around mental health, but those preferring to talk about more casual topics such as hobbies are also more than welcome.

Our definition of “social connection” isn’t about quantity – it’s about quality.

In a world where the number of followers far surpasses meaningful connections, we empower people to develop relationships based on trust and vulnerability.

Why Linkmate?

Linkmate is an award-winning social enterprise devoted to proactive emotional suppport, empowering individuals to safely  share their emotional challenges and find  social connection.


Or a TL;DR of everything to know about us!

Mates are people with a passion for helping others and inspiring them with their own story of recovery. They are trained in evidence-based practices from around the world, including peer support, active-empathetic listening and social navigation.

Complete the training course successfully, pass a police check and meet with us for a quick chat. You’ll then receive a Linkmate Certificate and be ready to chat with a member right away.

Linkmate creates a safe environment where you can chat about anything and everything. Mates are available to chat about relationships, family, eating, work, loneliness and anything else you may be concerned about. You can use the app to get whatever it is off your chest right away.