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Linking Up with Grace

We caught up with Grace from Grace Kelly’s Store to hear how she is turning her passion for creating and sustainability into her own business, by selling bespoke and handcrafted jewellery. Grace manages her business around her full-time job, study and everything else life throws her way. We catch up to hear how she stays dedicated and to hear her tips on how you can kickstart your next adventure!

Grace, how are you really?

Today I’m great. It’s a beautiful day. I’ve had a slow morning, a big breakfast, did a whole bacon and eggs, did my washing and now I’m with you!

Tell us about your business.

So Grace Kelly’s Store is my jewellery brand which I started in August [2020]. Before that I started on Depop [fashion marketplace app] two years ago which was just me and my [recycled] clothing, then I got into sunnies and from there into other accessories. Then I thought I’d start hand making and designing my own since I’ve always been creative. I found a niche in jewellery. I had a bit more love for it, so sprung off and created my own!

And how has the pandemic impacted Grace Kelly’s Store?

It’s what gave me the push to do the website and make it more serious. Before I was travelling three hours a day on public transport to work so I was dedicating train rides to putting up posts and packing orders at work. I was doing OK before but once covid hit I had a lot more time to build the brand and I was able to make it more professional. Now I’m home it’s a lot more enjoyable.

How did you find that leap of faith to set up a business and start something entirely new? Is there a path that you have followed to get where you are today?

I don’t think that there is any path that I followed, it’s happened step by step. I started with Depop and Instagram before I got to the website because I felt like it was a bit daunting [setting up a website]. My partner Tyler has his own business, and everything he has done before me, so that’s been a big help, whether it’s asking his mum, dad or anyone who’s a part of that business has helped me a lot. So taking it step by step and Google has been a help!

As a creator you’re selling a variety of products that are constantly changing to keep up with trends and even setting trends. How do you keep it fresh and exciting?

To keep all that juicy creativeness flowing I’m constantly looking at content, being inspired by other people and soaking it all up! When I’m not getting creative flow at all I just take a break and stop trying to push it. When I used to paint I would stick to one thing and push it, then I’d hate it and have to start again, and it would be this never ending cycle of trying to create something that’s not there. So I’d say take a step back and try something different.

You’ve made a huge amount of progress in a short amount of time. What’s the best advice you have been given?

Consistency. I feel like somehow people who order from me know when I’m not giving it enough. I’ve had week’s where I’ve not given it enough attention and it reflects in sales. 

Be confident. I’ve not always been someone who posts their life on social media but that’s where all the fast build up of my followers has come from. Get in front of the camera, rip the Band-Aid off!

Taking breaks from work is so important, especially in times like this when people can feel chained to their desk. So when you do stop, what do you do that takes you away from work?

Probably exercise, as cliché as that answer always is! Recently I screwed up my back and now it’s been a week and a half without being able to exercise and my mental health.. not plummeted.. but you realise how important it is just to get outdoors. You don’t have to do a hectic workout, even getting out for a walk is so beneficial.

Other than that I look forward to cooking dinner. It gives me a break from my full time job and I watch a trashy show while cooking that doesn’t take much brain power. It’s my ritual.

You mentioned how exercise impacts your mental health, and this term can mean different things to different people, so what does the term ‘mental health’ mean to you?

I’ll tell you a story. One time when I was feeling low Tyler [my partner] told me that every night before bed and in the morning he says three things that he’s grateful for. I actually didn’t believe him because he hadn’t told me that in four years! But then I started doing it and it’s ridiculous because you realise how much you have. Lockdown can be sucky and you will feel low at times, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel even if you don’t feel like it. If you sit down and look at the little things you can be grateful for, you don’t realise how much it changes your mental health. So what it means to me is being grateful.

On gratitude, for me personally it helps to counter certain feelings that come up when feeling doubtful. Like when I’ve had bouts of imposter syndrome and thought ‘can you really achieve this’ or ‘are you worthy of this’? Is this something that has come up for you?

Yeah definitely. I think imposter syndrome is such a big thing for creative people as well. When those thoughts and feelings do come over me, or If I’m ever doubting myself I just think, if you let that thought take over you then you’re almost giving up. To get to where you want you have to push on and think about your goals (big or small). So maybe set yourself a big goal for the horizon if you ever feel doubtful. That big goal or that future you can work towards to counter the feeling of imposter syndrome. 

Would you add any advice for those who may be starting their own business or embarking on a new journey?

If you’re having doubts or finding it difficult to build confidence, put together a story that you believe, that’s truthful to you. 

Like for me repurposing beads – which came from selling recycled clothing – it’s a stepping stone that’s come from something I’ve always believed in [sustainability]. I think everyone is slowly catching on and if I get that story on why I’m doing it a bit more clearer, it brings people in. So having a story that you believe in and that you think is worthy.

Yes! Living your truth and being your authentic self in all facets is important to incorporate in everything that you do (it’s what gives life meaning)! People love Grace Kelly’s Store because of who you are and this resonates fully in your brand! So thank you Grace!

You can follow Grace Kelly’s Store here:

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We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which this interview took place, the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation. We honour their elders past, present and emerging and recognise their significant connection to the land, the waters and the community. 

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