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Linkmate wins the Early Ethical Enterprise Award!

On Tuesday evening on the 7th of December at the State Library dinner, the winners of the People’s Choice Award, Melbourne Climate Futures Climate Award, Red Hat Impact Prize, Early Ethical Pitch Competition and Social Enterprise Award were announced for 2021 at Moral Fairground’s annual Ethical Enterprise Conference Awards Dinner. 

The finalists for these awards were carefully selected by a panel of judges and Moral Fairground congratulates all entries for their contributions to the community and momentum that was garnered from being present at the Ethical Enterprise Conference in 2021.  

In early December, Moral Fairground’s Ethical Enterprise Conference showcased leaders in conscious consumerism and the circular economy. ‘The Future is NOW’, provided a 2-day networking event and platform elevation opportunity for leaders in ethical business, social enterprise and sustainability at Melbourne University and RMIT. 

Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition 2021

Fungi Solutions 

Amanda Morgan
Director/Head of Development & Development

Winner of the People’s Choice Award, Red Hat Impact Award & Climate Futures Award

As a very popular and outstanding entry, Amanda was also the impressive recipient of the Red Hat Impact Award with FUNGI Solutions which is set to allow her team to receive a thousand dollars in prize money to support their social enterprise pathway. 

“Lots of organisations are starting to use mushroom technology to help foster sustainable solutions to issues such as waste management. It’s nice to have an idea of how this will grow. I thought the whole conference was so well put together and was such a rich space. Invigorating to see how all these networks come together with a lot of identification that it’s just will power. To bring these actions to be taken. Every role that is played brings these things together.” – Amanda


David Titeu
Founder & Director

Winner of the Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition

The Early Ethical Pitch Competition prize, which aims to support early social enterprises towards a pathway for further growth and success through funding and mentorship, was received by David Titeu on behalf of Linkmate. The former biomedicine student, passionate about health and wellbeing, is currently using his family’s lived experience of mental health to implement Linkmate, an app that connects people with much needed support networks to end loneliness and offers individuals an accessible gateway to social connection and feeling understood.

“In a year’s time we see Linkmate to be the go-to proactive solution if someone needs a companion or wants to get something off their chests. We are looking forward to being a part of the conference again, to continue connecting with other social entrepreneurs, mentors and the awesome team at Moral Fairground.” “Cross-pollinating at events like these with other social entrepreneurs is not only fun, but crucial to helping us tackle some of the most pressing problems in today’s society. The way smaller social enterprises are leading by example and being supported at the conference is so special and it was also great to see other business leaders from larger organisations like Bosch and Australia Post prioritise working towards the SDGs.” David

The entire Linkmate team feels very blessed to have won this award and would like to thank the judges, finalists, conference attendees and Moral Fairground team for your recognition and belief in our mission. You all helped make it a very memorable and fun event. Thank you.

For more information about the conference and Moral Fairground’s work, click here.

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