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Emotional resilience for your business

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How to be a Better
Mate at Work

HBM at Work is a program (and series of workshops) designed to educate and empower staff to be better peer supporters to their colleagues in the workplace, to curb emotional issues sooner and develop emotional resilience throughout the broader team and organisation. 

We introduce the concept of peer support within the context of the workplace and highlight the power of purposeful storytelling to initiate compassionate conversations which raise awareness of mental health challenges and strengthen working relationships.

Employees and leaders will walk away with:

Practical tools to implement when supporting their peers

A deeper understanding of how to hold space for others

Awareness of any unconscious biases or judgement they may have

Knowledge of how to approach each conversation with an open heart and mind

Self-care techniques they can implement to fill up their cup

Empathy & active listening to initiate compassionate conversations

Real Stories at Work

Real Stories at Work is a program (and series of workshops) designed to raise awareness of diverse lived experiences which highlight elements of strength, resilience and learning to encourage communities to overcome their challenges and ask for help when they need it. These workshops are tailored to key themes which have emerged in the workplace (e.g. long hours, heavy workload, job insecurity and conflicts with co-workers or bosses, etc.) 


A deeper understanding of the nuances and complexities which make up the particular challenge discussed and how it impacts mental health


Knowledge of strengths-based approaches they can implement to tackle the issues they may be facing


Awareness of prevalent challenges facing other students and steps they can take to support their peers


Confidence knowing it’s okay to be vulnerable and to ask for help

If you want to enrich your diversity & inclusion initiatives within your organisation whilst boosting team morale through collaborative art therapy, then Kintsugi may be for you.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold.

Built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art.